Meditation in Chelsea, Michigan
Meditation in Chelsea, Michigan



Join me and others at the Chelsea Meditation Sitting group. Meditation sitting groups offer support for maintaining and deepening our meditation practice and integrating mindfulness into our daily activities.


There is a teaching or discussion item every week.  You come when you can.  You stay for the teaching – or not.

The format for our meetings is:
  ~ 35 minutes of sitting meditation
  ~ 30 minutes for discussion about practice

All are welcome to come and join in meditation, regardless of the type of meditation you practice.  

The group meets every Monday* from 7pm to 8pm in the Washington Street Educational Center in Room 114 across from the Senior Center in Chelsea.  Chairs are available.  The floor is carpeted so please bring your meditation cushion, mat or bench if you wish. Chairs are provided.  *Except 2017 dates: May 29, July 3, Sept 4, Dec 25

                       *Except 2018 dates: Jan 1, May 28  (changes July 2018)


If you would like some instructions on concentration and insight practice prior to sitting in meditation,   please contact Carol.


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