Meditation in Chelsea, Michigan
Meditation in Chelsea, Michigan

Four Stages of Emptiness Retreat

Matthew Flickstein, a former Buddhist monk and psychotherapist, will be leading a week-end silent retreat in Clarkston, Michigan north of Detroit on March 9-11, 2018.


This retreat delves into the deeply held views that prevent one from realizing their inherent freedom. There are four categories of views in this regard: the view of self with its corresponding belief in having total control over one’s life; the view that takes for granted that there is an external/objective world that exists beyond the mind; the view that thoughts and emotions have an independent reality beyond our perception of them; and the view that freedom is a reality that takes time and years of practice to realize.

For each of these views there are corresponding contemplations and practices that enable participants to have a direct experience of the emptiness of these views. During the retreat there will also be Dharma talks, Q & A sessions and student conferences.      


TIME: The retreat will run from Friday evening through 5pm on Sunday.


COST: $235 covers single room & all meals (vegetarian).  The teacher receives no payment from the retreat fee.  You may express your appreciation for the teachings by offering dana.


TO ENROLL or FOR QUESTIONS: email Carol Blotter

-       If requesting enrollment, please tell me a bit about your meditation practice.  Have you trained in Vipassana or another tradition?  Have you been on silent retreats before?  What is your understanding of anatta (non-self), emptiness and non-duality? (Email if questions)


More about Matt:

Matthew has been practicing and teaching insight meditation for over forty years. He founded The Forest Way in 1993.


Matthew has studied with teachers from many spiritual traditions, and at one time was ordained as a monk in the Theravadan Buddhist tradition. In 1982 he co-founded the Bhavana Society Monastic and Meditation Center in West Virginia with Bhante Gunaratana.


Matthew published two books through Wisdom Publications, Journey to the Center: A Meditation Workbook and Swallowing the River Ganges: A Comprehensive Practice Guide to the Path of Purification. A revised edition of Swallowing the River Ganges, entitled The Meditators Atlas: A Roadmap to the Inner World, was released by Wisdom in 2007. Matthew has recently published an e-book entitled Voices of Truth.   

Matthew produced two documentaries: With One Voice, a film featuring mystics from many of the world’s great spiritual traditions, and Eastern Mystics, a documentary that weaves together a tapestry of wisdom, compassion, and promise from the Buddhist, Hindu, Advaita, and Taoist traditions.


Matthew currently leads meditation retreats internationally and mentors students who would like to teach meditation and share the Dharma with others. 



Matthew Flickstein Retreat on Emptiness March 9-11 2018 Detroit
Flyer pertaining to Matthew Flickstein's silent weekend retreat north of Detroit on March 9-11, 2018
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