Meditation in Chelsea, Michigan
Meditation in Chelsea, Michigan

Beginning Meditation Classes

Mindfulness meditation teaches us to see life as a constantly changing process, and we begin to accept all aspects of life with less stress and increasing balance and harmony. This balanced awareness, grounded in the present moment, leads to a calm stillness and a growing understanding of the nature of life.  This five-week session introduces basic mindfulness and meditation techniques.  It ends with a Loving-Kindness meditation that gently opens our heart, and in the process we let go of the judgments of others.


The simple and profound meditation techniques of mindfulness, awareness and Loving-Kindness are presented with teachings that are nonsectarian and draw on a wide variety of contemplative traditions.


Held at Washingtone Street Educational Center, Chelsea, MI

To register, contact Chelsea Community Education


For more information, Contact Carol

Daylong Retreats

- Sept 29, Saturday

- December 9, Sunday


Beginning meditation starts October 3rd 1:30pm or 7pm


Regular Sittings

Mondays at 7


Chelsea Meditation

P.O. Box 273

Chelsea, MI 48118

Phone: 734 475 0942 Ext 3


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