Meditation in Chelsea, Michigan
Meditation in Chelsea, Michigan

8 Concentric Circle Internet Course


Eight Concentric Circles Course, written by Matthew Flickstein, is a spiritual model of the path to Freedom.  The 8 circles go from resolution of past issues through living with an open heart to realizing and living in Freedom.  


The choice of concentric circles implies that as we move through our own spiritual path, we can be working on all the circles contained within the one in which we find ourselves.  In other words, we may have deeper learning yet to accomplish in circle 1 while we focus on circle 5.  The focus of the whole course is realizing Freedom – freedom from suffering, stress, upset, dismay, grasping and aversion.  Freedom at the deepest level arises from a naturally occurring wisdom that concepts, including self and non-self, are only concepts and not real.


Every week students receive a contemplation and teaching with study questions to answer.  The teachings come from Buddhism, Hinduism, Sufism, Taoism, Judaism and other traditions.  The course will be a year, with the possible option of continuing further.




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